She Shoots Film! December 2017 issue, MOTHER


Another end of the year piece of exciting news for me is that my December 2017 issue of She Shoots Film arrived and featured two images I made around 1974. I submitted these last year but didn't hear back for a long time. I was notified several months ago that two images were selected for publication. So, although getting this journal right before Christmas wasn't a complete surprise, it is always fun to see an actual print journal featuring one's work. (Merry Christmas to ME!) She Shoots Film has only published two journals but this Australian-based journal publication feels very promising.



My Statement: 
I came of age in the days of homes for unwed mothers, back-alley abortions, and shotgun weddings, and emerged into early feminism and reliable contraceptives. I was gratefully unburdened by unwanted pregnancy - the thought of which made me feel confined, trapped, imprisoned, and adult.

I used my camera to experience the lives of other people, several who were mothers my age. They fascinated me with their motherliness.

It wasn't until my early thirties, after I became a midwife, that I was ready to embrace motherhood for myself. 

THANKS, She Shoots Film!

THANKS, She Shoots Film!