Tiny Hands

Several months ago, I was invited to become a member of FotoFemmes, a women's photography collective that holds monthly meetings in Seattle... but, it is much more than monthly meetings. The group provides support, encouragement, and feedback, sharing new ideas and information, wisdom, and camaraderie. And photographers know what a loner sport this passion can be - so having a group like this has been a real gift to me.

Every month, we have photo challenges. This month, the challenge was rather mysterious. The woman organizing it had a pair of items- kept secret -that she worked with for three days and then wrapped them up to mail via US Postal Service to the next person on the list. When I opened the package, I saw brown mailing paper crumpled up around the items which were "gift wrapped" in blue tissue paper and tied with a white string. At first, I wondered what I could possibly do with these two ceramic tiny hands. But, imagination took over and I had much fun playing with these little hands. Three days later, I mailed the package to the next person on the list. We will post our 5-8 favorite collective images on Tumblr in July. 

I used the brown wrapping paper, the blue tissue, and the string in several of my images. Here are my eight favorites although I thought of more possibilities. But, that's life, isn't it? We are all limited by time, priorities, and deadlines.